Relapse Prevention in Dayton, OH

One of the most important steps you can take for relapse prevention in Dayton is to identify your triggers. Triggers are environmental or emotional cues that encourage us to begin using drugs or alcohol. You might find yourself surrounded by old friends and suddenly find yourself using drugs or alcohol again. A drug treatment center in Dayton will help you understand what your triggers are, and you will find just recognizing them is a powerful step toward sobriety. Creating a plan of action that you can take whenever you encounter one of these triggers is yet another aspect of recovery. The experienced counselors at our addiction treatment center will help you build a plan, and you will also obtain tips from your fellow residents while in group counseling. Working with others who have some of the same triggers has proven to be extremely helpful for recovering addicts.

Strong Support System

Many addicts lack a strong support system. Alienation of friends and family and social withdrawal is common. An important part of alcohol rehab is constructing a new support system to help you after discharge. Drug treatment centers offer community resource referrals that will help you when you are no longer a resident. You will learn to identify the people in your life who will encourage you to stay sober. Some addicts face the somewhat painful realization that some friends actually facilitated the use of drugs. Deciding to have limited contact with such people will result in yet another positive step on the road to recovery.

Build New Relationships

Sometimes it is necessary for former addicts to have contact with people who might encourage them to use again. If this is the case, practicing role-playing while in rehab is a good idea. Role-playing teaches you what to say and how to react if someone encourages you to use drugs again. Conflict resolution is another powerful tool taught in our addiction treatment center. Many folks who have abused drugs and alcohol in the past have problems dealing with conflict. Learning how to express your distress in a positive and constructive way will help you maintain relapse prevention in Dayton.

Learn Relaxation Techniques

Addiction to drugs and alcohol leads to a life full of stress. Many substance abusers feel wound up most of the time, unable to relax or ease their feelings of distress. You might have learned the only way to relax or alleviate stress is to use drugs or alcohol. The truth is there are many healthy ways to relieve stress. Counselors will help you develop a healthy reaction to the difficulties that life sometimes presents. You will learn relaxation techniques that work for you and when you leave a drug treatment center.

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