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Alcohol Treatment Centers in Dayton, OH are dedicated to prevention, treatment and intervention services that help the residents of Ohio respond with healthy and positive solutions to the devastation of substance abuse and addiction. The role of rehabilitation is to provide sufferers with tools and skills that remove denial and restore insight, replace shame and fear with hope and inspire positive coping skills to strengthen the resolve of sobriety for a sustained recovery. This is why Alcohol Treatment Centers Dayton  exists to help you find that place which will be your next step to recovery.

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Drug Rehab Facilities in Dayton

Understanding the Disease of Addiction: A Path to Wellness

Substance abuse is a serious illness that affects gender, socioeconomic status and race equally. It is often easy for people who abuse drugs or alcohol to develop a chemical dependence or addiction. If you have tried to stop using a drug or attempted to quit drinking and suffered the agonizing effects of withdrawal, you may require a medically-monitored process to provide a safe and less painful detox. Although you may have come to believe that sobriety is an impossible choice for you to make, Alcohol Treatment Centers Dayton, Ohio, is dedicated to helping you find the path to recovery and begin the process of living a wholesome life.

The Process of Healing: Alcohol Detox in Dayton, Ohio

Frequently, those who suffer drug addiction are not fully aware of the extent of their dependency on alcohol. The experienced counselors of Alcohol Treatment Centers Dayton understand the power of alcohol dependency and the devastation it presents to health. Finding you a safe and comfortable place to undergo withdrawal is monumental in the detoxification process to support sobriety. Often, the limited use of medications is required during the process to minimize the negative effects on the heart and blood pressure, blood sugar and emotional responses. Although everyone responds to addiction or substance abuse uniquely, it is highly recommended that alcohol detox is never attempted without a physician or psychiatric consultation.

Alcohol Rehabilitation: Living the Quality of Life You Deserve

If you or your loved one is struggling with the devastation of substance abuse and addiction, compassionate professionals are available, dedicated to providing you with skills and knowledge for a successful recovery. Sobriety is a learned process that is supported by a network of peers who inspire your resolve, positive perspectives on life that help you cope and the restoration of your physical health. A successful rehabilitation facility takes a holistic approach to the process of healing and restoring your emotional and physical health. A treatment center can offer help to those seeking recovery, by providing rehab options that will best fit the person's needs.

Dayton, Ohio: A City of Inspiration and Innovation

As the sixth largest city in Ohio, Dayton is situated in Montgomery County and supports a population of over 141,600. Home to the Wright Brothers, the famous Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park is a popular tourist attraction that provides the modern day perspective of a city still active in aviation. The Dayton metropolitan area supports the Air Force Research Laboratories where scientists and researchers continue to develop the latest technologies of aerospace innovations.

Historically, Ohio was forged out of the Old West by the persistent battles of the French and Indian wars of the 1790's and became the city known today as Dayton, Ohio in 1806. Since then, Dayton continues to be a center of patents, inventions and originality.

Upcoming Dayton AA & NA Meetings:

Meeting Day & Time Location
AA Under Construction Women's Meeting Mon, 5:30 PM Southern Hills United Methodist Church 2287 South Dixie Drive, Dayton, OH 45409
NA Bethleham Lutheran Church Mon, 7:30 PM Recovery Bound Group Discussion/Participation, Speaker, Non-Smoking 212 South Broad Street, Middletown, OH 45044
AA Methodist Church Tue, 8:00 PM Methodist Church 87 St, Wilmington, OH 45177
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