Help for Addiction

Knowing that a loved one is an addict is difficult, but for many Dayton families, it's a harsh reality. While statewide drug abuse statistics fall, Montgomery County stands out as its reports of drug-related arrests and overdoses rise. The time to act is now. Our facilities can help put your loved one on the path to treatment and recovery right away.

Identifying Addiction

It can be hard to see at first, but once you start looking, the signs of addiction become clearer. Some abusers are high-functioning during the day and work week but binge in the evenings. Others start ignoring friends, family and their jobs. You might hear rumors of your loved one stealing from friends or their workplace, and many addicts become less reliable but more defensive. The signs vary widely by person, and it is important to take note of all behavioral changes.

When Intervention Is Necessary

If you know your loved one is an addict, but they are in denial, refuse help or are avoiding the issue, it might be time for a drug abuse intervention. Interventions unite friends and family together to confront the addict. Each person will have the chance to explain how the addiction has impacted them and why the addict getting help is important to them. Counselors can help you arrange the intervention and transportation to a Dayton treatment and rehabilitation center.

Help Is Available

It is an unfortunate fact that Dayton is a known high-intensity drug trafficking area, and it can be hard for addicts to stay clean while surrounded by drug culture. Clients are given powerful recovery tools that help them stay happy, functional and clean no matter what their environment. Reach out to us today to go over possible drug treatment centers.

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