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Within the town of Dayton, Ohio, the abuse of drugs has increased over the last few years. To support the area's drug laws, police have cracked down on offenders. A police task force recently arrested four drug offenders and confiscated heroin. To break the regional hold of a prominent drug ring, police also arrested 72 people and the drug ring's boss in an effort to combat the spread of drugs. Although these methods may help to lower crime rates, they do very little to help the people who are addicted to drugs. On a personal level, Dayton residents who are addicted to drugs can choose to get help. Drug Abuse Treatment Centers in Dayton can help you get the rehabilitation you need to begin living a normal life again.

Staging an Intervention

If you believe that a loved one has a drug addiction, you should contact a substance abuse counselor immediately. Holding an intervention can be difficult because addicts may refuse to see the extent of their addiction. They may deny that they have a problem, become defensive or lash out in anger. For the addict to get assistance, an intervention has to be carefully planned with the support of medical professionals.

Beginning Detox

Once you or your loved one is ready to get help, there are options available that make the process easier. Quitting cold turkey can be dangerous and potentially life-threatening. Instead, addicts can seek out professional treatment for drugs. Drug Abuse Treatment Centers in Dayton will find you a rehab with medical professionals to guide you through the detox process. They can monitor any withdrawal symptoms so that you can safely complete your detox.

Planning for the Future

After detox is complete, Drug Abuse Treatment Centers can begin the rehabilitation process. You will be able to learn about how drugs change the chemistry of the brain and how an addiction works. In addition, rehabilitation will cover relapse prevention techniques. Often, a relapse occurs because of a trigger, unexpected craving or increased stress. Learning how to manage cravings and stress constructively will help you to prevent the occurrence of a future relapse.

You never have to deal with your addiction alone. Alcohol Treatment Centers in Dayton can help you find a recovery center that is right for you.

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