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Addiction Recovery Without Insurance

Addiction Recovery Without Insurance

If you are an addict to drug or even alcohol, then you are already spending a lot of your money uselessly. However, when it comes to getting rid of your addiction, you are probably going to have a hard time. This is usually because getting government funding is not an easy job and if you don't even have an insurance, then paying the cost of rehab on your own will become a herculean task. After all, you have to take care of families and jobs as well. It is not possible that you pour a huge amount of money (sometimes you don't even have that) into a mainstream drug rehab center. A month long stay can easily cost you $12,000. However, is there another way in which you will be getting rid of your addiction for less or even for free? Of course. Take a look at your options below.

  • Private rehabs that have low income beds- there are a number of private rehab facilities that maintain a few beds for the people belonging to low income groups. The treatment is not going to be free but at least the facility will consider your income before they ask for a fee. These centers are quite affordable and they provide some great care facilities as well. If you happen to find it in your area, you will be able to find exceptional care at very low costs.
  • Nonprofit rehabs- there are a number of nonprofit rehabs that work for providing alcohol and drug treatment options to the people who either have low incomes or are uninsured. They also provide good care and have some great rehab programs too. Again, the treatment never comes for free but is available at a highly subsidized cost. If someone is on a dire need of treatment and does not have money, he will never be turned down by these rehabs. After all, their main motive to serve the people who cannot find rehab facilities anywhere else.
  • Gospel Missions and Salvation Army-both of these programs will he helping you in getting rid of your addiction and they may even help you find hope in life. Though these programs are fairly long term, they are always available free of cost. If you believe in faith healing, these programs can really work well for you. Though these programs are often overlooked, they are one of the couple of free rehab programs that you will be able to get.

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