Dayton Opiate Drug Treatment

Opiate Drug Treatment in Dayton Ohio

Opiate drug treatment is available in all areas of the country and in a variety of settings, from hospitals to residential rehab centers to out-patient programs. Dayton opiate abuse treatment may be necessary for someone who has been abusing opiates that are illicit street drugs or prescription medications, or in some cases, both. Prescription opiate abuse can often lead to illicit opiate abuse once a person runs out of or is cut off from their supply of the prescription drug. Addiction specialists working with people going through opiate abuse treatment or treatment for other drugs that once a person has tried one substance they are much more likely to try another. Even if a person is not addicted to a substance and has only been using a drug recreationally, it can be important for them to go through the same opiate abuse treatment as an addict in order to fully kick the habit and move on with a drug-free lifestyle.

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What are Opiates?

Opiates come from the opium poppy plant and include drugs like morphine, which heroin is derived from, as well as the prescription medications Vicodin and oxycodone. Drugs that are derived from opiates, like heroin, are actually referred to as opioids, but are all part of the same overall family of drugs. Drugs in the opiate family are highly addictive, and individuals have been known to become addicted to heroin, for example, after just one use. Opiates are sought after by drug abusers because of both the euphoric and painkilling effects they have, resulting in a particularly potent high. People, who abuse opiates and have every intention of only using the drug sporadically for recreational purposes, can be taken by surprise when they come to the harsh realization that they are addicted to the substance.

Dangers of Abuse

Dangers exist for those who choose to abuse prescription opiates as well as those who use an illicit street for reasons related to dosage and quality in each circumstance. When abusing a prescription drugs not ordered for the abuser, the dose has not been determined for the particular person taking the drug. In corollary, street drugs can never be entirely trusted for the dosage level, either. In both cases, the results can be deadly.

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