Dayton Addiction Recovery Programs

Dayton Addiction Recovery Programs

SMART Recovery stands for Self-Management and Recovery Training. The program is an alternative to 12-step drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs. While 12-step programs have a spiritual foundation and emphasize that a person is powerless over his or her addiction, Dayton addiction recovery programs focus on empowering participants and encouraging self-reliance.

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What Is It Designed to Do?

SMART Recovery utilizes a four-point approach to helping a person overcome addiction. These four points are:

  • Enhance and maintain motivation to abstain.
  • Cope with urges.
  • Manage thoughts, feelings and behaviors.
  • Balance momentary and enduring satisfactions.

How Does It Help Addicts in Recovery?

SMART Recovery's ultimate approach is to help people achieve sobriety by empowering them to live healthier lives. Examples of SMART Recovery teachings include providing steps and encouragement so that participants can make self-directed change. Attending regular meetings provides an opportunity for individuals to support each other and foster honest, open discussions. Unlike 12-step programs, SMART Recovery programs do not emphasize having a sponsor or mentor.

Who Benefits Most From the Program?

According to the program's website, SMART Recovery is for all levels of society. The program is offered to those who may be skeptical regarding recovery or who have history of relapse as well as those who are earnest and eager to seek treatment for substance abuse.

Relapse Prevention

Although a person can ultimately "graduate" from the SMART Recovery program, the possibility for relapse always exists. This is addressed through helping a person identify addictive lines of thinking and behaviors that could increase a person's risk for relapsing. By taking a preventive approach, participants are ideally less likely to relapse.

How is SMART Recovery Implemented?

SMART Recovery programs are available at Dayton drug treatment centers as well as community centers and even via online communities across the country. Drug treatment centers incorporate SMART Recovery as an option both for inpatient and outpatient treatment programs, and people can choose to participate in the program as an alternative to a 12-step one. SMART Recovery programs can be used to treat both alcohol and drug addictions.

You can visit your local Alcoholics Anonymous ( for more support.

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