Alcohol Rehabs in Dayton, OH

Each year, hundreds of people in Ohio are killed due to drunk driving. Since 1982, the number of recorded fatalities due to a person driving while under the influence has exceeded 1,000. This remains true for Dayton and much of Ohio. Do not contribute to this statistic; use our effective rehabilitation plans to break free of alcohol addiction and avoid drunk driving.

Alcohol rehabs in Dayton begin the recovery process by using a plan that has been customized in accordance to your specific needs. Depending on certain aspects such as health, well-being, causes for alcohol dependence and other factors, your rehabilitation will include meetings with support groups, counselors and medical professionals.

Customized Treatment Plans

In order for clients to have a means of seeking advice and venting any issues they may have, 12-step programs and psychiatrists are available. If it is discovered that alcohol is being used to escape another issue, specialized counselors can be consulted. It will vary depending on the situation, but these could be grief counselors, marriage counselors or other professionals dedicated to assisting clients with various issues in life.

Some clients may also need to seek medical assistance from our trained doctors and nurses. These medical professionals can help prevent relapse by providing support when clients are experiencing withdrawal or other physical difficulties of rehabilitation. Medical staff may prescribe medicines, suggest lifestyle changes or require detoxification. In addition to common medical practices, holistic treatment may also be used by clients who prefer to avoid the further use of drugs.

Alternative Therapy

Especially useful for clients experiencing withdrawal or seeking alcohol to replace a gap in their lives, alternative therapy can be effective. This method of alcohol rehabs in Dayton allows clients to explore their interests so that they can find an activity fulfilling enough to be a healthy replacement for alcohol use. Common activities include nature walks, painting, running, cycling, yoga, Pilates, music and meditation. Clients often find that alternative therapy assists them in finding interests and hobbies that bring much more joy to their lives than alcohol could ever bring. When combined with conventional methods of treatment, alternative therapy helps clients avoid relapse and increase the chance of a successful rehabilitation.

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